27 lessons from my 27th birthday trip.

Breakfast view in London, UK.

Wooow time flies when you are having fun!

A bit more than a year ago I decided to go on a solo trip around Europe as a way to celebrate my 27th birthday. For sure, one of the best experiences I've had so far: traveling on my own, meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds, reuniting with old friends, going back to a place that means so much to me, and visiting amazing places....adventure, totally my jam! So, here is a list of the 27 lessons I wrote after the trip and that I constantly refer back to as I lean into all that life has to offer.

1) There are neither good nor bad situations, everything is just about the perspective and the attitude you decide to take around circumstances.

In Gantt, Belgium.

2) Learn and truly love to be with yourself. I highly recommend doing a solo trip at least once in your life.

3) Believe in your abilities to figure things out, whatever the situation.

4) Most people are always willing to give you a hand, you just have to ask for it.

5) You are never really lost...just "exploring the neighbourhood". Relax. Stay open. Be curious.

6) The resources you need in order to reach your dreams and goals are already within you.

7) Be grateful for all the people who have been, currently are and for those who will be in your life. There is a reason why we cross paths.

8) You are stronger, wiser and more capable than sometimes you give yourself credit for. (Both physically and mentally, I learnt that after dealing with a suitcase while jumping from place to place haha).

9) The energy you bring into every situation really attracts or pushes people away. Be your best.

10) Make it a practice to be more intentional, aware and to work in your mindset every single day.

11) Forget about the labels society has created across human history, life is about creating yourself and you can be anything you want.

12) Sometimes you just have to trust and surrender to the little turns life throws you and that may take you to beautiful destinations.

Caerphilly Castle, Wales, UK (unplanned trip)

13) Make sure you are creating an environment that moves you forward.

14) Start before you are ready...truth is, you will never be a 100% ready.

15) The best investment you will ever do, is in yourself. Where is your focus?

16) Your fears will either stop you or expand you. It is your choice. In my case, the decisions that scare me the most are usually my best ones.

17) The definition of success is personal. What is yours?

18) Be here. Be present. You are where you are meant to be.

19) Take a moment everyday to slow down and stare at the little things that make life great.

20) One of the Universe's ways of telling you "Hey, I've got your back" is by sending you people who may feel like they were put in a specific moment just for you...angels in disguise.

21) Your life is a reflection of the stories you tell to yourself about yourself.

Somewhere between Amsterdam and Berlin.

22) Smile at strangers and be more compassionate, because everyone is going through something you know nothing about.

23) Always vibe to the beat of your heart. Work so your motivation comes from within, and not from external expectations.

24) One YOLO per day, keeps your soul awake. Make it a practice to do something that takes you out from your routine.

25) Embrace all of who you are, including your flaws, your craziness, your weirdness and your cracks...that is what makes you unique.

26) Become non-negotiable. Set standards for your life: who do you want to become? what type of relationships you want to have? how much you want to earn? And take full responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions in every area of your life.

27) Listen to and trust your intuition/gut/heart/soul...for it knows best!

And since I am already 28 years old, here comes a bonus:

28) Figuring out what to do with your life is not a matter of age. You can be 18, 27, 35, or 41 years old and have no idea what to do with it...that's okay! Experiences are the ones who will give you nudges and signs, and you can either listen and commit to, or ignore and stay in your comfort zone. Van Gogh decided to become a painter and start a formal education in fine arts at age 27.

What have you learnt from your trips?

I'll be super happy to read from you.