The best investment you will ever do...

Four months ago, I was about to start my certification in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), I was so freaking excited because this was something I had been wanting to do and I was also worried about the money. The day I was going to make the payment, my mind began thinking about the trips I had postponed, the upcoming bills and all the things that could possibly go wrong.

"Stop it!" I said to myself...then I took a deep breathe and instead I made a list of all the positive things around this situation, I reminded myself why was I doing this and thanked the Universe for having the resources to invest in myself in such a way. I decided to trust. And of course, that day, I paid for the certification.

Taking a leap and investing in yourself is one of the most courageous and rewarding things to do. And today, I want to celebrate and honour the people who have taken this step, because YES it is a huge deal. I know how it feels to have this big dream, this ambition and to see your bank account thinking "something is not matching in here". I know about that little voice inside of your head whispering "is this really worth it? what if it doesn't work? you still got to pay xyz, it's too risky". And yet, despite all that, YOU have chosen to trust, believe and have faith in yourself, in your dreams. Mad respect to you! Definitely the best investment you are ever going to make with $0 risk is the one you do in yourself, specifically when it comes to mindset. And here I'm speaking beyond the financial investment, I am also speaking in terms of time and value. No matter what you do, your age, background or current situation, acquiring the right mindset is essential to having a better performance, becoming more resilient, achieving goals, bringing more value, creating your dreamt lifestyle and feeling okay with yourself. Now, understand that acquiring this mindset isn't something that happens from one day to another or a pill you take and suddenly everything is perfect. It takes time, discipline, persistence and consistency. You already gave that first step. Saying YES instead of keep waiting and postponing that deepest desire of yours.

NLP Team

THANK YOU for choosing to take your #MasksOff, for showing up, for believing and getting after it, and for leading the way for others to do the same.

Because I can tell you, that when you give one step towards your dreams, the Universe gives a lot more to support you. YOU are your most important asset.

How can you keep investing in yourself?